Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Addition to the Family

In September we added a new family member. Ricardo came to live with us until Christmas. He is attending Permian High School and is a blessing to us all. He is from Brazil. Living with us is a new experience. In Brazil he has 2 older brothers. Here he is the older brother with 2 younger sisters. He is always so kind to them. He is very bright and so easy to talk to. I tell him all the time that he is just too easy!
Of course, the girls adore him. He is a wonderful young man!

Just before Ricardo came to live with us, Rusty came into our lives. Rusty is a Welsh terrier or something like that. He is a precious dog that our friend Kim Wells found roaming the streets of Odessa. She tried her best to contact the owners, but none were to be found. She knew we were looking for a dog. He was the perfect fit for our family. He comes in while we are home and is outside when we are gone. He has captured the hearts of all who meet him.

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