Saturday, August 2, 2008

Office Update #4

Our new sign with our new logo!

I have posted several views of the office, the entrance, the reception, check in desk, a treatment room, hall way.
The office is beautiful! There are a few things left to do... the most important thing is we are moved in and seeing patients. The rest is just small details!

July FUN

Allison playing with sparklers on the 4th at the Anderson'sKeely playing with sparklers on the 4th of July at the Anderson's

Brendel's birthday at the pond.

Happy 6th Birthday Keely!

Six Reasons Keely is the Best!
1. Her smile
2. Her beautiful Red Hair!
3. Her smarts!
4. Her inquisitiveness.
5. She loves to "cuddle" - she is my cuddle bug
6. Her sweet spirit!

Keely's Birthday Party at the water park
Keely's "Real" birthday party at the house. The menu was shrimp, chicken, rice and broccoli. This girl knows good food!

Keely's Rainbow Cupcake Cake!

I can't believe she is 6!!!