Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JB Update

Some people think I haven't updated in a while! (hahaha)
So here ya go JB (LUV YA)
June - GA camp, Wedding, Slab leak in house, new office construction
July - new office construction, fixed ceiling in kitchen from leak, knock out cabinet over bar, install new lighting, paint hallways, refinance house, new office construction, Keely's birthday party, move into new office, teach summer enrichment, decorate new office, take girls to tennis camp, have lunch with old friends***** and July is not over yet!
I am ready for August to get here! I have more I want to get done before school starts... I can't believe I am saying that... I think it might be a sin to talk about school in July...
Hopefully I will have pictures for all of our "life" happenings.

Office Update #3

We have moved into the office, decorated and will be open for business in the morning. J. is still there with the computer guys, the office manager is still there, as well as the contractor. The girls and I got home at 10:15pm (It is now 10:35pm) There is still much to be done. * trim paint *2 doors need painting *carpet in massage area * massage area painted * kitchen finished * some more decor and greenery * anything else that comes up. But.... WE ARE IN!
I can't wait to take pictures and post them! It is beautiful!