Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yeah! Spring Break is here!
We get to stay home!
Kay, Gerald, Katelyn and Lauren stayed a few nights with us on their way to the Grand Canyon. We had a great time.

Kay is boxing on the wii. We all were pretty sore after playing the Wii this weekend.

We had dinner with Harold and Judy.

And all the girls had fun playing all weekend!

We wish Kelley, Amber, and Ariel could have been here too.!

New Office!

We have purchased a new office for the clinic. We are waiting on permits... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting.
Here are a few of the before pictures... When the remodel starts I will post more pictures... Pray that the permits are issued SOON!

This is the entrance... It will be gone and all you will see is the atrium when you walk through the front doors.

This picture looks out into the atrium. This area will be a reception desk.

This area will be part of the reception. There will be walls gone and hardwood flooring. The doors will be gone too.

These are just a few of the pictures! This office is going to be fabulous. We will have massage therapist in the office as well as all 4 Drs.

The Lord has truly blessed us.!

Another tooth gone

Allison finally lost her 3rd tooth.... What DRAMA! We have been working on this tooth for 2 weeks. Finally I told her she had 3o min. to pull it, after that Daddy was going to pull it. Daddy ended up pulling it!

Finally, Saturday, March 15, J. pulled it!
This is the after picture! See she is all smiles! That wasn't too bad now, was is Allison?

Easter Pagaent 08

Every year the 1st and 2nd graders at St. John's do an Easter pageant. This is my favorite program of the year! It is so impressive! Allison, as a 2nd grader, had a speaking part.

Keely and J, before the pageant. J. was not feeling great, he had just had a tooth pulled. But he was being a good dad and came to the pageant despite the pain!