Thursday, November 15, 2007


As I grow older, I often wonder if my life is inspiring to anyone. When I listen to the song, Legacy, by Nicole Nordeman, I wonder if you have something nice to say about me. Then I remember that it is not man that I am here to please. (Although it is nice to have a pat on the back now and then. My personality definately thrives on those little "Atta girl" statements. ) I know I am here to serve my Lord and Savior. He is the only one I need to compare myself to. He is the one who is my judge. He is the one I will be spending eternity with. He is the only one that should count. I struggle with letting the Lord be my measuring stick. Not that it is difficult to measure up, but that I love the occasional pat on the back. I have to sit back and be aware of the "pats on the back" the Lord gives me. They are not as evident as the physical ones my friends and family give me.
Even though I love and thrive on receiving praise, it is hard for me to hear compliments and have someone do something nice for me. Strange, I know. I am used to being the one to give the praise and give of myself for others. I very wise friend once told me that if I don't accept the offering of kindness from others, I would be insulting them.
OK. I am stepping out of my box. I am working on it.
My dear friend kept my children while J. and I went out of town. I kept telling her that we owed her.... She continued to say no....
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Whether I like it or not, I am an inspiration to others. Will I know who they are? No, not likely. My reward is with my Father. When I get to heaven I am sure I will see all those people that He has allowed me to "touch".

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