Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last post for 2011

I know the title seems like I blog every day... truth be told... this is only my third post of the YEAR!
Ok, I've been busy... lost focus....been lazy.... really I forgot about my blog.
Today we are getting ready to run errands and I am prodding the girls to get dressed, beds made, trash picked up in their room, and it is almost noon. We may never get our errands run!
OK, I must confess, I am still in my robe. But getting my clothes on is the only thing I must do.
My goal these next few days is to ponder 2011 and pray about my goals for 2012.
Happy end of 2011!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March madness!

Can you believe that March is over... That means I am another year older, it is springish in Odessa, only 37 days of school left and there are only 9 months until Christmas! Sorry, just had to say it!
I know you thought I would have something to say about basketball... Well the only thing I know is that UCONN Beat Butler....
Soccer and track have begun....but for only one child. Keely has injured her Achilles tendon and is not able to run, therefore has had to drop out of soccer for at least one season. She is able to participate in the track meet, she can throw the javelin.
School is nearing an end. Allison's 5th grade trip is this weekend~! I can't believe I am a parent of a 5th grader... and yes I am still smarter! (she may not think so)
Bible Drill state competition will be next week (as well as the track meet, pray for me!!!!!) Allison has done very well. What a great thing... hiding God's Word in your heart!
I am ready for our busy April schedule! Soccer, Bible Drill, trips, birthdays, track, and I am sure there will be so much more.
Thank you Lord for the ability to do so much. May everything we say and do be to your glory and honor.... you are the giver of all things!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happens when you get behind!

I can tell you what happens when you don't keep up with your daily tasks.... you loose contact with your friends. I have been behind at home for so long that my blog has been neglected! I guess that is the price you pay for having a 6000 sq ft. home!
Super quick update!
Allison - 5th grade, basketball, soccer, presidents presentation, piano, science fair, volleyball, flute, choir, church, Sunday School, homework, friends, and boy friend
Keely- 3rd grade, homework, theater school, gymnastics, science fair, church, Sunday School, friends, soccer and piano
J - Work, Rotary, home repairs, girls activities, church, Sunday School, ignite associate and fishing
Heather - teaching, ECRW, ECRP, church, children's Choir, Sunday School, Taxi service, house keeper, Deborah's Collection, and ignite associate
Hummmm...... We have been a bit busy!