Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Party of the Century


On Friday April 18, my first born turned 8. We had a fabulous party! A luau at that. There were 82 (give or take) people at my house! We had a swimming, hula hoop contest, jump rope contest and limbo contest. We ran out of hotdogs, chips and cake! I do think everyone got cake....
We had a blast! We are still recooperating.... the party was 2 weeks ago and the decorations are still in the pool area. That will be one of my projects today... get the pool area back to normal.
Allison I hope your day was extra special! You are a wonderful young lady and we are blessed to have you as our first born. Thank you Lord for trusting us with this little girl. Give us the wisdom, strength and patience to raise her in Your ways.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there for Allison's birthday... =(

And good luck with all the cleaning, Heather! It's impressive how much you guys work to keep the house in order...


Heidi said...

Mom got the link to your blog in some round about way and sent it on to me. Very cute! I love all of the pictures!
~Heidi Schultz