Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have a bad fever

As I sit here "teaching" computers, I am longing to be somewhere else. The sun is shining... the birds are singing... the wind is blowing. Ok, I can do without the wind, but everything else is beautiful. I am stuck inside with children playing on the computer, singing to themselves with their headphones on, as hysterical as it sometimes can be.. I want to be outside! Yes, I said outside. I want to plant flowers, clean out flower beds, and sit on the porch and drink peach tea. I want to organize my craft room, organize the office, and finish decorating the girls rooms. But no, I am sitting in a classroom. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love molding young minds, teaching them academics as well as morals, but right now it is hard! I have Spring fever!

Allison's birthday is Friday (can't believe she will be 8) We are having a luau at the house. You all know what that means... We are on a cleaning frenzy! I want everything perfect! I want the office clutter free (I may not have enough time to do that), the craft room clutter free (that probably won't happen), the girl's rooms spotless, J's side of the bathroom receipt free, the yard to look great, and the pool to sparkle. I don't think I am asking for too much do you? We have only been working on the yard for 2 weekends, in between soccer games and birthday parties. The house I have been decluttering for 2 weeks. Now to dust, sweep, mop, and finish the decluttering process.

I told you I have a fever! I am actually excited about cleaning. I am sure I am driving my family crazy!

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