Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First post of 2012

I thought that First Post of 2012 would be appropriate since this is the first post of 2012... and my last post was the last post of 2011.  The funny thing is... it is September and not January! LOL
The last 9 months:
January -
February - Mom had back surgery
March - Spring Break spent with Isabela and her mom from Brazil
April - Allison turned 12, Spent Easter with Kelley, Amber, Ariel and Melanie
May - Allsion Graduated from 6th grade at St. John's
June - the family attended the GOP state convention in Ft. Worth; Keely attended Texas Tech soccer camp, Allison attended Texas Tech Basketball camp, VBS, Allison went on a Youth Fun Trip
July - Allison and Heather went to Youth camp in Brownwood; Allison, Keely and Heather went to Children's Camp; Heather went to Belize on a mission trip;  Keely turned 10!
August - Spent some time at the lake; Allison started Jr. High; Keely started 5th grade; Heather startedher 9th year at St. John's
September - Allison made the Volleyball team.... went from b team to a team in a week; Piano lessons began; voice lessons for Allison began; Soccer season for both girls

I hope this gives  you an update of the Kirk family in a nut shell.....
You may have noticed that there was not a mention of J.  Well he is our Rock and supports us in all we do!  He does get to go fishing every once in a while.
We are enjoying our lake property.  Lots of boating, fishing and playing in the lake! 
Mom is still not doing well.  She has more problems than the back surgury could fix.... She tries to get out, but is not able to do alot for an extended amount of time.... She does however get on the jet skis once and a while!  Watch out if you are on Oak Creek! 

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