Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Suddenly summer!

Summer is a time for relaxing, reading, swimming, and doing a whole lot of nothing! Well, not the the Kirk household!
We began our summer by moving our good friend Larry into our house. He will be with us until he gets his knee
replaced and finds a house. Larry is a welcome addition to our chaos!
We then took a vacation to Great Wolf Lodge What an awesome time we had as a family. Over 80,000 sq feet of indoor waterpark!!!! and a fun game (Magiquest) in the hotel.
Our cousins from Lamesa came for a few days to swim and have fun!

We then had a brief visit from J's sis Kay and her family.
Vacation Bible School happened the week after the Adams family left for Colorado. I love VBS. What a ministry it is! We have over 200 children attend and the majority of the children are from the Daycare at the YMCA! How awesome is it to share Jesus with so many children. This year I switched gears and taught 2nd grade! I had been directing the nursery for a very long time. I knew I needed to change my ministry focus.
The Adams family came back through town, on an even
breifer (is that a word) visit than before! We did get to have breakfast with them, as well as J's cousin Sherry and her family from Grapevine. They were on their way home from a vacation in El Paso.
We got everyone back on the road to their homes and the girls and I packed for GA Camp. We had a wonderful 4 days of missions, Bible Study, Worship, and fun!
We came back home to clean house for a bridal shower of a wonderful newly married
Sunday we got to celebrated Father's Day with my dad and mom and Keith and Judy! What a wonderful day for family.
Monday we began Soccer camp.... Allison that is. Keely got to hang our with me!
Next week is Tennis, Larry's knee replacement, and a visit from Larry's son Josh!

And the summer is not even half over!
I love that my job allows me to spend time opening my home to lots of different people, and spending time with my family!
Thank you Lord for blessing me beyond measure.

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