Friday, September 19, 2008


For a week, J's sister and her children have been with us. They thought Odessa was a great place to escape hurricane IKE. They left this morning. We said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes... this time there were more tears in the adults eyes.
Kay's husband stayed to ride out the storm and help take care of his parents in Baytown, and sister Kelley, Amber and Ariel, rode out the storm in north Houston.
<- Kelley's house----BIG tree , didn't go through house, Thank you God! Our family has been blessed No one lost a house, No one was injured, No major catastrophe happend to our family. There were trees and fences down and shingles gone (they are probably in Ohio now) but no major damage. I have attached a few photos to show their houses. Thank you Lord for your protection, I pray for those who were not as fortunate. Give them strength, peace and comfort. Watch over the victims and continue to provide the way only you can.

<- the pool is not theirs... it is the neighbors...
I guess they are sharing for now.

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Ricardo said...

Wow... Thank God everybody made it thru OK. It also doesn't look like there has been serious material damages to anyone, which is also something to be thankful for.
Miss you all!