Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ok, This is only 15 days late! I have not been very good about posting. But hey! It has been busy around here!
Ready for a quick catch up!
Christmas was great!
Ralph, Cheryl and Jon Jon came on the 23rd and we spent Christmas with them. Next year Kristi will be part of the family!!! We can't wait... Wedding is June 21, 2008.
They spoiled us as usual!
My friends and I sang on the 17th for St. John's staff party. We had so much fun!
On the 23rd we sang for a friend's family party... Great fun! Those Golden's know how to party!
Christmas Eve we went to Harold and Judy's and spent the afternoon with them. Tiff and Branden were there too. We had a wonderful time.
Off to Church for the Christmas Eve service. Michael asked me to sing. I was so honored... To be asked to sing on Christmas Eve...WOW! After church we went with the Morris' to Texas Burger and then to deliver their gift! Thank God for great friends.
Christmas day. Well... I think I'll put that day on a new post!
Houston... Saw my great niece, Ariel... she is precious. Didn't get to hold her because of hacking and coughing! Next time!
Disneyland! - New post!
Now here we are... back in the swing of things... well, sort of.
We have done Allison's science project, and she has given the report and is ready for the Science fair on Thursday.
Keely's project is a dinosaur diarama. We will be working on it frantically this week. It is due Thursday! Being sick and having projects to do is not fun.. Oh, did I mention I have felt crummy the past few days. But as a mom, you just gotta keep going!
Allison and Keely have started Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading. They had their first game. They both loved it!
Keely loved Cheering and Allison loved playing. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to put video on here.
Allison is home sick (at Ma's house)... Keely wants to be sick at Ma's house!
Is your head spinning yet?
New Years Resolutions.....
Nope not me! My sister-in-law says why wait till January 1, or a Monday.... Start now! I like that motto. So I am going to keep on doing what I am doing. I will continue to set new goals for myself all the time.
I pray that your 2008 is a year full of blessings from the Lord!

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